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Synthetic Diamonds

Why Choose Lab Grown Diamonds?
Synthetic Diamonds
Nue Diamonds offers both genuine colorless white and fancy colored diamonds that are more affordable than their mined counterparts.

Lab grown diamonds are certified by all the major gemological institutes and the perfect choice for anyone wanting an ethical, beautiful and more perfect and pure diamond. The processes we use enable each diamond to be just as rare, beautiful and perfect as the world's most expensive diamonds.

How do I compare lab-created diamonds and mined diamonds?
Lab grown diamonds have exactly the same chemical, optical and physical properties and as mined diamonds. They have the same durability, hardness, weight, refractive index and dispersion factor. Both are cut and polished using the same techniques, and both have the same brilliance, gorgeous fire and sparkle. Simply put? Both are real diamonds. Lab grown diamonds cost approximately 25% less than mined diamonds, at an average of $3500 per carat.

Colorless White Diamonds
Synthetic, lab grown white diamonds are not always readily available on the market, incredibly difficult to grow and most weigh less than one carat. This limits the world-wide availability. Prices are normally about 20-30% less than the same grade of a mined colorless diamond. All other white, colorless gemstones (often named simulated diamonds) cost significantly less than mined diamonds and are a more affordable alternative with larger ranges of cuts and carat weights.

What carat weights are available?
Nue Diamonds lab-grown colorless diamonds are currently offered in sizes ranging from .30 to 1.30 carats.

Nue Diamonds lab-grown fancy yellow, blue, red, pink or green color diamonds are currently offered in sizes ranging from 0.25 to over 1.65 carats.

For more information, please contact us. Prices are subject to change.

Colored Fancy Diamonds
Available in brilliant blue, red, blue, pink and yellow hues, these diamonds have all the beauty, quality and color of their mined counterparts-and at a more affordable price.

For more information, please contact us. Prices are subject to change.

What do diamond tests say about lab-grown diamonds?
All diamond tests positively confirm that lab-grown diamonds are diamonds-with the same optical, chemical and physical properties of mined diamonds. All our lab grown diamonds are created in controlled facilities by trained engineers, scientists and technicians. They are cut in Belgium by the world's finest diamond cutters, and fully identified and certified as lab-grown diamonds.

100% Guaranteed Conflict-Free
The majority of the world's diamonds come from war-torn areas in Africa. These diamonds fund civil wars and armed conflicts and are usually known as conflict diamonds or blood diamonds (made famous by the recent movie "Blood Diamond" starring Leonardo DiCaprio). Sadly, even in conflict-free regions, the working conditions are deplorable, child labor runs rampant and other human and civil rights abuses continue in mining operations around the world, despite the Kimberly Process (which has proven to be full of corruption and negligence).

Environmentally Friendly
Lab grown diamonds ensure that the consumer does not contribute to harming the environment and encouraging mining around the world. Nue Diamonds is proud to be a part of the solution to saving the environment, and works hard to educate the public about the dangers and pollution associated with diamond mines world-wide.


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