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Welcome to Nue Diamonds, the most beautiful and realistic diamond alternative in the fashion industry. The high price of diamonds and their human rights controversies in Africa have created a demand for an affordable alternative. Nue Diamonds is passionate about excellence and offers an affordable luxury product for women who want their rings to reflect sophistication and elegance.

Nue Diamonds impressive diamond-cut European gemstones are the world's first gemstone to meet the Gemological Institute of America's strict standards of diamond cutting. Made with manufactured diamond alternatives, it has the identical look and feel of a natural diamond. You may ask if they are real. Our answer? Nue Diamonds are the new real.

In the past few years, the use and acceptance of diamond substitutes has grown significantly. Because technology has come so close to imitating diamonds, many rings you admire on friends and family could likely be a high-end setting with a diamond look alike. With Nue Diamonds lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee, this is quite literally the finest alternative on the market.

Purchasing an Engagement Ring
It can be a daunting task determining what type of engagement ring to purchase, especially if this is your first purchase. There are literally thousands of diamond jewelers all over the nation and on the internet. Which of these is the best for you and your special occasion? Depending on your budget, you can select the very expensive jewelers which purchases can range from $5,000 all the way up to $50,000 or more. However if you are on a budget of around $500-$1,000, and want to get the exact same quality in a ring you would at your local mall, you have come to the right place.

Dedicated to the Environment
If this is the beginning of your journey in purchasing a ring with man made diamonds, you might be interested to know that almost all mined diamonds come from unethical sources, mostly from Africa where child slave labor is common. Nue Diamonds is committed to the social awareness of mined diamonds and also to the environment.

Some Tips from the Experts
Did you really get a good deal on the last diamond ring you purchased? Are you sure? Look at our article on 10 Things Your Local Jeweler Won't Tell You. Did you know that most settings come from the same manufacturer in the United States? That means a jeweler store in your local city will have the same settings as the jewelers in New York City.             read more »


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