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Nue Diamonds lab created gemstones are crafted and cut to the same demanding specifications as mined diamonds, providing our customers with the most realistic diamond alternative on the market. The GIA cutting standards are applied to our stones to ensure that they the best and closest possible look and feel of mined diamonds. Paired with outstanding solid gold, platinum and palladium settings, there is nothing finer on the market for lab made diamond jewelry.

Nue Diamonds stones are created in high end laboratories in Europe, where the art of fine diamond cutting has been perfected. Extensive research, product development and designer details make up the Nue Diamonds brand the world has grown to love.

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Adele Ring
Price: $677
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Algarotti Ring
Price: $822
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Amadora Ring
Price: $860
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Carrera Ring
Carrera NEW
Price: $673
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D'Anda Ring
Price: $672
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del Sole Ring
del Sole
Price: $967
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L'Ultima Ring
Price: $937
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Pacifica Ring
Pacifica NEW
Price: $627

Even diamond simulants, which are different in chemical composition and which cost dramatically less than mined diamonds or synthetic diamonds, are a sparkling, elegant alternate. Diamond simulants are especially budget friendly and are still stunning to wear.

Synthetic diamonds are rated by the same 4Cs (clarity, cut, carat and color) as natural, mined diamonds. Strict lab protocol gives your diamond the perfect environment to grow in, making a stone with superior clarity and color. They can be cut in any of the cuts natural diamonds come in for a stylish, high end looking product at a much more frugal price. Although many people will try to sell you diamonds as an investment, a much better investment in your future is to launch your new marriage without the excessive debt that a natural stone ring can bring.

Many people are becoming interested in buying products that are ecologically friendly and ethical. The U.N. does its best to prevent sales of diamonds that might be propping up a warlord or funding a devastating conflict. Ethical companies try to avoid these conflict diamonds. Even so, many diamonds are sold through third party sellers to hide their dubious past. Large scale mining can be devastating on local people and the environment. Synthetic diamonds make you a beautiful lab created diamond ring with a clean, non-bloody background.

Lab created diamond engagement rings are a beautiful alternative to mark the beginning of your life together. They say diamonds are forever, so start your forever with a symbol of your love that won't wreck your finances and will reflect the values that you hold dear. You can be proud of your lab created diamonds, and their untainted beauty will never fade.


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