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Welcome to Nue Diamonds: The Affordable Alternative to Diamonds. We are proud to carry the only GIA certified gemstones on the market. Because our man made diamonds need to look and perform like a diamond, they are cut to the same specifications as mined diamonds, making them the most accurate diamond replicas in the world. With only trained experts being able to tell the difference, they are truly luxury redefined.

The popularity of simulated diamonds is steadily rising. More women can get the same look and feel of expensive diamonds without the high price tag. Technology has improved to the point where many elegant rings women wear these days are often a simulated diamond in a high-quality setting. Nue Diamonds believes in surpassing the mining of diamonds and embracing modern ideas and new technology. Some may still think of the old phrase "a diamond is forever."

We believe that in order for a stone to look and act like a diamond, it must be cut like a diamond and set in only the highest setting. That's why we only use settings that the premier jewelry stores carry. Nothing is plated, and nothing is less than 14K gold, platinum or palladium. This is our promise to you. You will get the finest diamond alternative in the only the finest setting.

Buying an Engagement Ring
Is this your first time shopping for an engagement ring? It can be an intimidating process, but it certainly does not need to be thanks to online shopping. Nue Diamonds makes it hassle-free by avoiding high pressure sales people and the hassle of going from store to store. Shopping online has become a simple, streamlined process. The high standard of stones you can expect from the diamond industry are available online--for a fraction of the price. Nue Diamonds gemstones are graded D-F on the color scale, IF (internally flawless) clarity, and cut to diamond perfection standards. Even better? The settings are the exactly the same as those from most jewelry stores and made in the United States. Our professional customer service representatives are skilled in understanding the diamond, diamond alternative and settings industry. This gives the ultimate assurance that each customer receives precisely the same quality, design and experience that one would expect from any retail store. The result? Exceptional standards and price through bypassing expensive stores, high overhead and paid sales people.

Dedicated to Social and Environmental Awareness
If you are new to the diamond ring buying process, you may have heard of the terms "blood diamonds", "conflict diamonds" or "The Kimberly Process". With the Leonardo DeCaprio movie "Blood Diamond" and the corruption and recent disgrace of the Kimberly Process (diamond origin and certification), nearly all mined diamonds originate from unethical practices and are associated with wars and child slave labor. Because of these documented issues, Nue Diamonds is proud to offer 100% conflict and blood free gemstones, and endeavors to educate the public on the atrocities associated with mined diamonds.

Insider Tips from Experts: What Jewelry Stores Don't Want You to Know
Like many businesses, physical jewelry stores have their secrets and guard them closely. Where can you get the best deal? Do you know why jewelry stores don't want you to shop online? That the "huge" sales are not really sales at all? Keep reading to find out the tips from the experts at Smart Money and Wisebread.  read more »


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